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According to the Art.5 of the Advocacy Act of Ukraine attorneys provide consultations and explanations on the legal issues, oral and written references of legislation, draw up applications, complaints and other legal documents, certify copies of documents in cases that they do; represent the interests of individuals and   legal entities in the courts and other authorities; provide legal assistance to enterprises, institutions, organizations; provide legal support of internal and external business activities of individuals and   legal entities; comply their duties in accordance with the Criminal procedure legislation in the process of enquiry and preliminary investigation.

We provide legal services in the following areas:

  • legal representation and defence of client’s interest in courts of all instances, including specialized; administrative and commercial courts;
  • legal representation and defence of client’s interest in law-enforcement machinery;
  • legal defence in criminal cases (economic crimes);
  • representation of client’s interest in the customs authorities;
  • appealing decisions of a control bodies (State Tax Administration, Fund of social insurance);
  • representation of client’s interest in banks, public and monitoring authorities: executive bodies of the Ministry of Justice, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, notary.

Starting protection of a client, we:

  • analyze information provided by the Customer;
  • review possible factors and risks that could affect on the result of the case;
  • discuss possible direction of the case with the client;
  • build up the line of defence according to specific information and objectives of a client;
  • Enforced the client’s line of defence, approved by the customers;
  • Analyze the actions and results, and with the client’s approval, improve the line of defence.

The content of consultations, advices, explanations, documents, submitted by the Customer, and other information obtained by an attorney during the fulfillment of official duties, are the attorney’s secret according to the Art.9 of the Advocacy Act of Ukraine, with no right for disclosure.  And according to the Art.10 of the Advocacy Act of Ukraine, all documents and information submitted by the Customer to the attorney in the process of cooperation, is not a subject for inspection and seizure without his consent.

Our company provides for client’s documents and information full privacy with no right of access to them by individuals and enforcement bodies.


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