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A Tribunal is a non-governmental independent body formed under agreement of the interested individuals/legal entities for settlement of disputes, in civil and business legal relations, following the procedure set forth by the Tribunals Act of Ukraine.
Any legal entity or individual may apply to the tribunal if the parties have concluded a agreement in compliance with the requirements of the Legislation of Ukraine.

A tribunal agreement can be concluded in written form: either in a form of a single written agreement or in the form of a tribunal provision in an agreement, as well as by other means providing recording of such an agreement (e-mail, fax, telegram, etc.)

Applying to the tribunal has a range of essential advantages.
1. Significant saving of time.
Proceedings in a tribunal case is opened immediately and within 10 days the parties elect judges (otherwise, the judges are appointed by the chairman). And the total term for considering a case by the tribunal will not exceed three months.

2. The court ruling is binding for both parties.
Failing to comply with the court ruling, the letter shall be enforced under the writ of execution issued by the competent court. The applications on issuing a writ of execution are considered within 15 days.

3. The court ruling is final.
The tribunal's ruling may be appealed in the following cases only:

  • the case is beyond the tribunal's jurisdiction under the law;
  • the ruling is passed under the dispute which is beyond the tribunal agreement or the ruling regulates the matters beyond the agreement;
  • the tribunal agreement is invalidated by the decision of a competent court;
  • the tribunal is not in line with the requirements of the law

The tribunal does not consider the case:

  • under disputes on invalidation of laws and regulations;
  • under disputes arising out of concluding, amending, terminating and fulfillment of business contracts related to satisfaction of public needs
  • related to the state secrets
  • under the disputes arising out of family relations, except the cases arising out of the marriage contract (agreement)
  • on renewal of solvency of a debtor or declaring a debtor as a bankrupt
  • if one of the parties is a the public authority of local self-government, a state institution or organizations, state owned companies
  • which under the law are subject’s for settlement solely by the courts of general jurisdiction or the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.
  • when at least one of the parties is a non-resident of Ukraine.
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