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Lobbying interests at state authorities (Government Relations, GR) an essential tool of modern business.
Government Relations - an established practice for both large and medium-size business representatives. Well developed communication between business and government play a key role in reaching a successful result, promotion and winning the leading positions on the market. 

The main advantage of Government Relations - is a quick solution of companys problems and disputes, without litigation and administrative cases proceedings.

Thanks to the extensive experience and qualification of Amparo CGs specialists they develop unique techniques (methodology, procedure, strategy) and implementation of schemes of services in Government Relations. That contributes companys risk insurance and increases its efficiency. By using the GR service you can achieve your business aims.

Services of lobbying interests at state authorities:

  • representing the interests of business community in government;
  • creation of  company's position on key issues of cooperation with government;
  • defining of state structures that may be useful to our Client;
  • preparing a package representative documents;
  • facilitating of draft laws consideration;
  • operational informing of any developments that may in any way affect the interests of business (preparing draft laws, regulations, tenders, inspection, etc.);
  • assistance of company's project winning in state tenders and investment programs;
  • preparation of documents and support at all stages until a decision;
  • support in participation in state tenders;
  • promoting the reduction of pressure on the clients business.


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