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Registration and reorganization of companies

  • Registration of companies of any ownership form (PE, LLC, CJSC, OJSC…)
  • Amendment of the constituent documents
  • Development of internal documents
  • Registration of non-profitable organizations
  • Licensing certain kinds of business activities

Registration and running the financial institutions

  • Registration of banks, credit unions,pawnshops
  • Licensing of financial services
  • Registration of insurance and leasing companies, security trades
  • Certification of specialists
  • Registration of Asset Management Companies

Alternative methods of business shutdown, liquidation of enterprises

  • Development of alternative schemes for business winding
  • Liquidation of firms without any consequences for the founders and managers
  • Liquidation company with debt of any amount
  • Liquidation of non-profitable company (including liquidation of LLC, liquidation of business entity, liquidation of companies of any other ownership form)
  • Acquisition of the problematic enterprises
  • Bankruptcy

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Legal follow-up of mergers and acquisitions projects
  • Development of optimal schemes for business restructuring
  • Audit of companies for risk’s identification
  • Protection against raider acquisition

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Registration of trade marks
  • Obtaining patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs
  • Registration of copyright objects
  • Registration of copyright objects
  • Protection of intellectual property in the court

Customs law

  • lobbying interests at customs authorities;
  • providing consultations on tariff legislation (or customs legislation);
  • representation of clients’ interest at customs authorities;
  • analyzing the legalness of law and appeal the actions of customs authorities in the administrative procedure;
  • protection of client’s rights and interests in the court (customs disputes);
  • analysis of documents in order to minimize possible custom’s risks;
  • preparation of custom documents needed for export/import;
  • development of optimal schemes for international deliveries, in order to optimize customs payments;
  • legal support of projects for export-import transactions;
  • facilitate of customs payments returning;
  • operational get-up of goods at customs;
  • support in enforcement proceedings.



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