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According to the Art.1 of the Notary Act of Ukraine, notary in Ukraine – is a system of authorities and officials entrusted with the duty to certify the rights, as well as the facts of legal sense, and perform other notarial actions under this Act, to provide them with legal validity.

Public, private notary or a notary's office must provide services to its clients to protect their interests, provide consultations on their rights and responsibilities and to warn about the consequences of notarial actions in order to avoid legal awareness.

Our company provides the following notarial services:

  • authentication of transactions (Contracts, trusts, wills, etc.);
  • certification of the authenticity of copies (photocopies) of documents and extracts from them;
  • authentication of signatures on charters, declarations, bank cards and other documents;
  • authentication of correctness of the documents translation from one language to another;
  • authentication of time of documents submission;
  • transmission of statements of individuals and legal entities to other individuals and legal entities;
  • Issuance of notarial duplicate of documents stored in the cases of a notary;
  • commitment  of the executive inscriptions;
  • taking measures to protect inherited property;
  • issuance of inheritance certificates;
  • other notarial services according to the Notary Act of Ukraine.

All the information about the client, his property, property and non-property rights and responsibilities, documents of the notarial actions is notary’s secret according to the article.8 of the Notary Act of Ukraine, with no right to disclosure.


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