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Social responsibility – it’s a free choice of the company in favor of liability to increase welfare of the society by implementing of reasonable business schemes.

Social policy and active participation in the state development - one of the main components of the Amparo CG’s strategy.

Amparo CG, as a socially responsible company focused on society development, rising the quality of life, solving of social problems, participating in sponsor and charity projects, developing of economic and social sphere of Ukraine.
Social responsibility for us is not just a charity, but also solution of strategies for improving the economic and political climate in Ukraine.

Principles of Social Responsibility:

  • an active participation in the state development;
  • creating of favorable conditions for stabilization of business and economy;
  • fulfillment of ethic and social obligations;
  • social interaction with partners;
  • sequence of ethic corporate behavior;
  • maintenance of business ethic standards;
  • maintaining a high level of legal culture in Ukraine;
  • providing professional legal assistance.

In the framework of social responsibility Amparo CG cooperate with the Supreme Council Committee on tax and customs policy.

Public Reception MP (Member of Parliament) conducts reception of citizens on issues of tax and customs legislation, and is located at: ul. Saksaghans'kogho 15, of.10.

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